Politics of Hope - reviving the dream of democracy
Donna Zajonc, MA, PCC 
Author, The Politics of Hope 
Politics of Hope author and political leadership coach Donna Zajonc

"The new breed of political leaders will focus on setting aside their personal fears, offering their time and resources in service of a purpose they may or may not see fulfilled during their lifetime: transforming our political system for the sake of generations to come."

Donna Zajonc
From The Politics of Hope:
Reviving the Dream of Democracy

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When I wrote The Politics of Hope: Reviving the Dream of Democracy in 2004, I was convinced we were at the beginning of a new era with a message of unity and collaboration. A message of hope.

The 2008 elections have illustrated that the time for this message is upon us as we hear our candidates speak of change, unity, collaboration and hope.

"Do we participate in a politics of cynicism or a politics of hope?"

~ Barack Obama ~



"I have never written to an author or even thought of doing so until now. I have suggested your book to many friends and family memebers. Your book confirms my long held belief that possibly changes can be made someday. Thanks for the Hope!"

Jeff Staberow


The Politics of Hope

“I'm so grateful for the role you've played in helping America create what we're seeing today.

Thinking back to when I first read your book, your work raised our consciousness, so that we could articulate what we wanted from our political leaders. I'm sure you already know this, but you're one of the people responsible to changing the dialogue, in a big way, so just thought I would say thanks.”

~ Lisa Earl McLeod,
Author, Speaker, Syndicated Humor Columnist

“I just finished reading The Politics of Hope. I have contemplated the state and fate of our American democracy for many years [and] I have been demoralized at times. But I never lost sight of the bigger picture. Your words have inspired me. I began “waking up” again. Your book clearly was a seminal moment in reaching this next phase for me. Hooray for your vision and your action to advance this new consciousness.”

Patrick McWhortor
Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits
"Donna Zajonc has written a very important book. We are at a time when resignation is rampant and this book transforms despair into possibility and optimism. Donna gives us a way to transform our dreams into reality and shows how each of us can make a greater difference in our government. I highly respect Donna for writing this fabulous book with such clarity and power."

Lynne Twist
Author of The Soul of Money and Vice Chair of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

"Buy two copies of The Politics of Hope: one for yourself, and the other to give to your favorite politician. It's that important!"

Cindy Reinhardt, MCC
President, Creative Resources Group, co-author of
Closing the Gap in Management: 10 Weeks to Refocus, Rebalance, and Retool How You Manage

In The Politics of Hope, Donna Zajonc inspires us to rejoin the political scene as public leaders, actively participating in the evolution of the rapidly-changing phenomenon we call democracy.

Zajonc has made simple food of an elaborate smorgasbord of political and social theories, offering readers a clear look at where we have been politically and where we must go in the future.

She outlines our country's essential passage from fear to hope in the Four Stages of Political Evolution:

  • From Stage One, Anarchy, to Stage Two, Traditionalism, (the two-party war) we remain polarized and afraid of one another, unable to accomplish our common goals.
  • In Stage Three, Political Resignation, we stand at the doorway to Stage Four, Conscious Public Leadership, or the Politics of Hope.
  • In Stage Four we join the greatest leaders of humanity, by putting we before me. Our political life then reflects the spirit of cooperation, mutual inspiration, and unwavering concern for the collective good.

"Donna Zajonc gives us just the roadmap we need to find our way out of the paralysis of polarized politics. So many of us despair, knowing there must be a better way. Donna has been there as a legislator and political coach. She knows the territory and she shows us that there is a way of wisdom in our democracy, inherent in the structures the founders created, that can produce solutions way beyond what the left or right have to offer. I hope this book inspires millions to reengage in the exciting process of together envisioning and implementing a true democracy."

Vicki Robin
Author of Your Money Or Your Life

"Zajonc's Four Stages of Political Evolution and Seven Essential Practics for Becoming a Conscious Political Leader are blazing a trail, bringing the values-based work of executive coaching into the realm of politics. Her tools are a godsend. If you want to remain effective in these changing times, you must understand The Politics of Hope."

Marcia Reynolds, MCC
M.Ed, Past President of the International Coach Federation and author of Outsmart Your Brain

"Donna Zajonc's practices for political renewal and servant leadership apply not only to politicians, but to any leader seeking higher ground. Keep (The Politics of Hope) beside your bed, read it, use it, and you'll never see the word politics in the same way again."

Gifford and Elizabeth Pinchot
Authors of The End of Bureaucracy and the Rise of the Intelligent Organization and Intrapreneuring in Action

A political leadership coach who has brought nonpartisan awareness and clarity to a wide variety of candidates for public office, Zajonc's book, The Politics of Hope provides ordinary citizens as well as public servants with a firm foundation for action in this time of global change.

Read these samples from The Politics of Hope: Reviving the Dream of Democracy:

"The Politics of Hope is a breath of fresh air. Zajonc offers informed insight into what the international community needs righ tnow if we are to live together peacefully. Read this book! It gives you reason to hope, and puts the action steps for global change-making right into your hands."

Jerry Brusseau
Co-founder of Peactrees Vietnam, dedicated to land mine clearance and reconciliation with the Vietnamese people

City Council Retreats 

Excellent presentation! The seminar was useful to our executive staff and many individuals mentioned how much they enjoyed it and they are not normally complementary of having to attend training sessions. I believe it will have a positive outcome. Thanks for everything!
~ Mac Craig - City Manager
Largo, Florida

I had the wonderful opportunity of introducing Donna Zajonc as a keynote speaker for our recent International Institute of Municipal Clerks Annual Conference. With her broad governmental and political experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the task of inspiring, motivating and teaching leadership skills.
~Charles E. Tokar, J.D., MMC IIMC President





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