Politics of Hope - reviving the dream of democracy
Donna Zajonc, MA, PCC 
Author, The Politics of Hope 
Politics of Hope author and political leadership coach Donna Zajonc

"The new breed of political leaders will focus on setting aside their personal fears, offering their time and resources in service of a purpose they may or may not see fulfilled during their lifetime: transforming our political system for the sake of generations to come."

Donna Zajonc
From The Politics of Hope:
Reviving the Dream of Democracy

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"I have known Donna Zajonc for 25 years since she first successfully ran for the legislature in 1978. At an early age she displayed an extraordinary passion for public service and the needs of her community. She is now dedicated to supporting outstanding candidates and public servants as they consider the challenge of running for elective office. I hope you will consider working with her."

~ Senator Mark Hatfield
Oregon US Senator 1967-1997

Political Leadership Coaching

"Coaching Ordinary Citizens to
Become Extraordinary Public Leaders"

"I want you to know that our time together was the richest time of my life for personal growth and development. I cherish the time we spent." 

Beth S. Jarman Ph.D.
President, FarSight Group
Former State Legislator and member of Governor's Cabinet Phoenix, Arizona

What is Political Leadership Coaching?
I am often asked to explain what a political leadership coach is and why it is an important new role to help political leaders increase their effectiveness. First let me explain that political coaches are not pollsters, consultants or strategists zeroing in on the next election plan.

A political coach will not tell you how to vote or comment on positions you take--quite the contrary. The coach may be the only person who does not want to influence your political positions and therefore can provide honest and accurate feedback about your leadership style, how to leverage your strengths and be the best leader you can be.  A political coach will help you:

  • • Focus on developing and enhancing your personal leadership style
  • • Create a confidential relationship that allows you to freely discuss concerns that you might not otherwise feel comfortable sharing with others
  • • Provide tools for managing your anxiety and stress in difficult situations
  • • Discover new possibilities in the midst of entrenched political views
  • • Challenge you to fully develop your vision for public office far beyond just winning your next election
  • • Keep your passion for public office alive in the midst of struggle and defeat. 

What to Expect From Your Coaching Sessions

As a former elected state representative and a nonpartisan political coach I understand politics and can help you increase your effectiveness through Political Leadership Coaching. I work with political leaders in all capacities from new candidates and seasoned elected politicians to appointed public officials. Here is what you will receive with political leadership coaching:

Development and enhancement of your personal leadership style.
A fully developed vision for your time in public office (this goes far beyond just winning the next election).
Tools for managing your anxiety and stress in difficult situations.
Ability to see possibility in the midst of entrenched political views.
Identification of attitudes and beliefs about yourself that both enhance your leadership and/or hold you back from being the bold leader you are.
Assistance in holding your vision for public office alive even in the midst of chaos and struggle.

I do not work for political parties or interest groups nor do I comment on your political opinions. My only interest is developing your highest potential and challenging you to be the best possible public servant and candidate.

Because our work together is strictly confidential, you will never see your name on my client list. I do not get caught up in campaign gossip nor do I want a staff position when you are elected. Our coaching partnership is a personal and confidential resource for you, the political leader, and is external to the campaign or office staff.

My passion is to challenge you to lead from higher motives and to become part of the new breed of conscious political leaders. Setting aside our personal fears, we will offer our time and resources to renew the nobility of public leadership. It is a purpose we may or may not see fulfilled during our lifetime: transforming our political system for the sake of generations to come.

To jumpstart our coaching conversation and provide us with a common framework, I provide a free copy of my book The Politics of Hope: Reviving the Dream of Democracy to you. In the book, I describe the Four Stages of Political Evolution and offer "Seven Practices for Becoming a Conscious Public Leader."

There are coaching questions at the end of each chapter to cultivate your self-knowledge and prepare you to be on the leading edge of this new form of public service.

Political leaders must prepare themselves for leadership in the same way that all professionals learn the skills, perspectives and tools of their vocation. No longer does owning a successful business or being an active community volunteer completely prepare you to be a noble public servant.

Here's how Political Leadership Coaching works:

  • Coaching conversations take place over the phone in a comfortable and convenient setting of your choice.

  • Our first appointment will be 90 minutes to allow time to set goals for what you want to accomplish during the coaching relationship.

  • Next we schedule three 45 minute sessions per month with unlimited email coaching between calls.

  • Following the initial three month commitment, we convert to a month to month contract. 30 days notice is requested to conclude the coaching.

Call or email Donna today to schedule a complimentary session.

Phone: 206.780.9300 or email: donna@bainbridgeleadership.net

Coaching for Coaches

In addition to coaching public leaders, I specialize in working with professional coaches who want to develop this niche as part of their business plan. I help coaches discover their passion for coaching politicians, develop their unique offering and marketing plan. Email me today and we can schedule an appointment to explore this possibility.

Public Leadership Seminars

I also offer a wide range of public leadership development seminars to support you in building a strong team, one that is aligned with and dedicated to your vision and values. Please visit www.BainbridgeLeadership.com to see additional offerings.

"Because Donna is a former elected leader she really knows what it is like to deal with all the demands of public office. Donna helps me focus on what matters most and has started me on a path to a more balanced life while helping me be more effective in my business and public service. Donna is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her."

~Jeffrey Quibell
City Councilman, Blue Springs, MO
President — CPros, Inc
2008 Candidate for Mayor



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