Politics of Hope - reviving the dream of democracy
Donna Zajonc, MA, PCC 
Author, The Politics of Hope 
Politics of Hope author and political leadership coach Donna Zajonc

"The new breed of political leaders will focus on setting aside their personal fears, offering their time and resources in service of a purpose they may or may not see fulfilled during their lifetime: transforming our political system for the sake of generations to come."

Donna Zajonc
From The Politics of Hope:
Reviving the Dream of Democracy

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Events 2008

Texas Municipal League - Annual Conference
San Antonio, TX
Keynote Address

Phoenix Women's Leadership Forum
Phoenix, AZ 

 Oregon League of Cities Annual Conference

Salem, OR 

LBJ School of Public Administration
Austin, TX 

Texas Association of Counties
Austin, TX
Beyond Problem Solving 

National Association of Counties (NACO) - Leadership Academy
Kansas City, MO
Creating a Character-Based Public Organization

National Association of Counties (NACO) - Leadership Academy
Kansas City, MO
Elected Officials as Convener  

City of Clayton, MO - City Council & Mayor Retreat
Clayton, MO

Oregon Special District Association
Bend, OR
Keynote: Keeping Your Passion for Public Service Alive 

Washington Municipal Clerks - Annual Meeting
Wenatchee, WA
Creating Powerful Partners 

Oregon Municipal Clerks - Annual Meeting
Klamath Falls, OR
Creating Powerful Partners       

2007 Highlights  

LBJ University of Texas: Governors Executive Development Program
Dallas, TX
Creating Powerful Partners

Midwest Conference of State Legislators
Traverse City, MI
Renewing Your Passion for Public Service

City of Largo, Florida - City Retreat
Building a Character-Based Culture 

International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Best Practices Conference
Washington, D.C. & Asheville, NC
The Politics of Hope - Taking Cities from Good to Great

International City/County Management Association (ICMA)
Pittsburgh, PA
Benefits of Executive Coaching for City Managers

Reuniting America
Washington, D.C.
Facilitator - Conference on Democracy
International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC)

New Orleans, LA
Keynote: "Renewing Your Vision for Public Service" 

International City/County Management Association (ICMA)
Pittsburgh, PA
Seminar: "Stoking Your Fire" 

National League of Cities: Congress of Cities
New Orleans, LA
Seminar: "Ethics and Integrity....for the Other Guys" 

National League of Cities: Congress of Cities
New Orleans, LA
Seminar: "Collaborators and Conveners - Creating Powerful Relationships"   


Speaking Engagments
Donna has made over 500 speeches and presentations throughout her career. She is entertaining, convincing, energetic, and informative. Call or email Donna to schedule a speaking engagement for your service club, workshop, board retreat, or motivational speech.
The following keynote speeches or seminars are currently offered by Donna Zajonc, author of The Politics of Hope: Reviving the Dream of Democracy.  


Public Leader as Convener and Collaborator

Local and state officials can take the lead in decision making by convening community conversations to tackle problems before they become explosive. The old style of leading was based upon the idea that the public leader had all the power and answers. Today’s government leaders can leverages their power by convening people together in public conversations as a way of taking action but not taking sides. Learn the Eight Keys to Convening and transform your role as a public leader. Public meetings could actually become fun again! 

Creating Powerful Partners

Growth and change are a way of life. People with differing viewpoints may go to battle with competing ideas for improvements. Your recognize that collaboration is essential to vibrant, healthy groups and communities. You know "the way you've always done it" doesn't work anymore. So how do you collaborate, embrace diversity, and take action in a way so that no one loses?

Participants will:
  • Apply The Four Stages of Public Leadership and insights into when to lead from which Stage;
  • Assess their individual "Leadership Point of View" and gain insights into their public leadership philosophies, motivations and unconscious behaviors;
  • Apply these roles to an Action Planning Tool for creating powerful partnerships for achieving results; and
  • Develop "authentic community politics" that focuses on service and contribution.


Ethics and Integrity - For the Other Guys!

Ethical dilemmas today require a higher order of complex thinking and interpersonal awareness to balance competing new ethical challenges. How do public leaders deal with personal ethical dilemmas? How should public leaders guide their community when ethical problems arise for the other guy? Learn how to clarify your priorities when competing priorities arise. Create a clear alignment between your beliefs, language and actions. Gain a better understanding of the Four Universal Moral Principles and how to incorporate them into your leadership style.


Creating a Character-Based Public Organization

How do public leaders maintain their character when ethical lapses seem to be everywhere today? What is character and how do we build character in our local government? Complex and rapid global changes are presenting new ethical challenges far beyond anything imagined just a few years ago. In order to attract and keep quality workers who want to work in quality organizations our public organizations must be more than ethical---they must be character-based. In this seminar, participants will learn tips on how to develop a character-based organizational culture so that citizens and employees admire you and your public organization.

Keeping Your Passion for Public Service Alive

As a former Oregon State Legislator, Donna Zajonc understands the challenge today's public leaders face to keep alive their vision and inspiration for public service. In this speech she will help you rekindle your passion for public service and outline tips she has learned as a professional leadership coach. Sharing from her book, "The Politics of Hope", she will unveil the Four Stages of Public Leadership and provide you with the keys to maintaining your energy so that you are a successful leader at work and in your community.


Bridging Our Political Differences

We hear from the media every day how divided and polarized our political process has become. The theme of this speech is that there is a latent, constructive energy bound up in our current polarization which, if harnessed and redirected, will result in a new way of conducting the people's business.

The challenge is to view the polarization as an opportunity to reframe our cultural divide, inspire hope for a possible future and provide tools and frameworks for civic re-engagement.

"For those who want to discover hope and possibility in these politically polarizing times." 

“Excellent presentation! The seminar was useful to our executive staff and many individuals mentioned how much they enjoyed it and they are not normally complementary of having to attend training sessions. I believe it will have a positive outcome. Thanks for everything!”

~ Mac Craig
City Manager
Largo, Florida


 "Donna Zajonc is a tremendous speaker and success coach! She speaks straight from her heart. As a seasoned professional, her message is not only uplifting but also done with sincerity - a sure delight for any audience!"

~ Patrick Snow, author
Creating Your Own Destiny


"Donna Z. has a natural and confident presence in front of an audience. If you are seeking someone with a message from the Heart, with passion and conviction in extra large helpings, this is the one! Engage Donna as your keynote speaker and put up your feet - she will make you look VERY good to your membership."

~ Bob Linz, President
Investments Asset Manager


“Donna Zajonc’s keynote enlightened and entertained our luncheon attendees with her message on "Healing Post-Partisan Depression." Her unique perspective gained by years of experience in the political arena helped to broaden our perspectives and leave us with a feeling of hopefulness.”

~ Carolyn J. Brown
President NAWBO-Phoenix


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