Politics of Hope - reviving the dream of democracy
Donna Zajonc, MA, PCC 
Author, The Politics of Hope 
Politics of Hope author and political leadership coach Donna Zajonc

"The new breed of political leaders will focus on setting aside their personal fears, offering their time and resources in service of a purpose they may or may not see fulfilled during their lifetime: transforming our political system for the sake of generations to come."

Donna Zajonc
From The Politics of Hope:
Reviving the Dream of Democracy

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What People Are Saying
About Donna Zajonc
author, speaker and Political Leadership Coach


"It is rare to find speakers who meet all the expectations of a meeting planner.  Not only did you succeed in meeting the deadlines, your ability to work with the flow of the meeting space certainly made the planning process and delivery much smoother.  It was indeed a pleasure to work with two individuals who are as organized and responsive as you.  In addition, your presentation to the group was a huge success, due to your talent and your dedication to the program."

~Kathy Sittig, Training Specialist/Meeting Planner
Florida Institute of Government at Florida State University

"Because Donna is a former elected leader she really knows what it is like to deal with all the demands of public office. Donna helps me focus on what matters most and has started me on a path to a more balanced life while helping me be more effective in my business and public service. Donna is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her."

~Jeffrey Quibell
City Councilman, Blue Springs, MO
President — CPros, Inc
2008 Candidate for Mayor

"I have known Donna Zajonc for 25 years since she first successfully ran for the legislature in 1978. At an early age she displayed an extraordinary passion for public service and the needs of her community. She is now dedicated to supporting outstanding candidates and public servants as they consider the challenge of running for elective office. I hope you will consider working with her."

~Senator Mark Hatfield
Oregon US Senator, 1967-97

"As a legislator, a community advocate, and an individual, Donna's skills, dedication and desire to serve has always been exceptional."

~Barbara Roberts
Oregon Governor, 1990-94

"Effective training leaves participants with inspiration, new thoughts and ideas, and motivation to make positive changes in their lives. Meeting all these requirements takes a mastery of skills that only top-of-the-line leaders, trainers, and speakers do well. You are one of THE best not only in handling these challenges with flair and finesse, but also in setting the pace for others."

~Kris Wheeler
US Navy Training Manager

"Donna's greatest strength is her character. She displays an old fashioned work ethic and is honest in all her relationships. Donna can convey her ideas convincingly and possesses a natural ability for public speaking. Her true gift is her ability to work within a group of hostile individuals and negotiate and facilitate until the group miraculously reaches a consensus. Few individuals I recommend with such high praise."

~Debbie Craig, Trustee
Fred Meyer Memorial Foundation

"Donna handles negotiations expertly, understands how to achieve results, and knows how to motivate those she leads. Her sincerity and integrity in developing and maintaining her extensive relationships in the political arena, as a community leader and a successful entrepreneur has been invaluable in helping her to advocate successfully for worthwhile causes."

~Lynda Thompson, Provincial Director
Sisters of the Holy Names

"Donna provided a new and invaluable service to our candidates during The WISH List's Campaign Colleges in Arizona and Washington, D.C. She succeeded in setting our candidates on a secure footing for what could be a bumpy campaign road ahead. We are still receiving positive feedback!"

~Pat Giardina Carpenter
President, The WISH List

Testimonials from coaching clients

"I want you to know that our time together was the richest time of my life for personal growth and development. I cherish the time we spent." 

~Beth S. Jarman Ph.D.
President, FarSight Group
Former State Legislator and member of Governor's Cabinet
Phoenix, Arizona

"I have been amazed at the incredible shifts that I've experienced with only three months of your wonderful coaching. Your intuition, boldness, caring support, and challenges have enabled me to reach a whole new level of awareness in both my coaching business and my personal life."

~Ann V. Deaton, Ph.D.
Leadership Coach
DaVinci Resources

"The winds of change are blowing and Donna Zajonc is leading the way with her intelligent, thoughtful and refreshing approach to political leadership. I enthusiastically recommend her inspirational training and coaching to every politician.....novice and pro alike!"

~Roselyn O'Connell
National President of the Women's Political Caucus

"Working with Donna Zajonc helped me to focus in on what's really important to me, and to cut away some of the dross that the time of a legislator gets taken up with. I ran for office because there were things I cared about, and we all know how limited time and many distractions can take us away from that. Donna's coaching style combines reflective listening with questions and perspectives that gave me insights on what I was doing -- and what I was not doing -- and how to match my time with my values."

~Richard Conlin
Seattle Council Member

"Donna Zajonc has exceptional insights that produce coaching questions which truly move a client to new and sometimes startling wisdom! Her gentle, yet firm reflections bring stories to closure and put action steps in place. I have delighted and prospered from her coaching and highly recommend her to anyone wanting new direction, understanding and insight into living a great life."

~Linda Petersen
Elected School Board Member


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